Privacy focused project PIVX has completed a remarkable milestone in there quest to create an industry-first mission. PIVX announced on Twitter that a successful Sapling protocol transaction was completed on regtest network. A regtest network could be defined as a local network environment. This could be seen as the step before the protocol being tested on the PIVX public testnet.

PIVX Sapling Protocol Announcement

Previously, PIVX used the Zerocoin protocol (also utilized by coins such as Zcoin, Smartcash, Veil, etc) which was found to be cryptographic-ally flawed. In light of the exploit, PIVX’s developers have been busy at work on the new Sapling protocol. Their hard work will soon be realized when the Sapling protocol is fully unveiled in Q4 2020. Upon completion, PIVX will have completed the first proof of stake coin with working Sapling privacy protocol.