The popular BAT (Basic Attention Token) based browser Brave recently recorded nearly 19.6 million active monthly users. This is a staggering ~125% rise compared to the same time last year. Similarly, daily active users rose from 3 to 7 million users (133% rise). The number of verified creators on the Brave ad platform have also risen from 300,000 to ~1,000,000.

Brave Browser is a free and open source browser based on the Chromium web browser. It is known for its fast loading times, its ability to successfully block ads and website trackers. It allows users to gain percentage of ad revenue through the use of the BAT tokens. Every month, users are paid out a certain number of BAT for their share of ads that were displayed to them. Combined with a crypto-currency centric interface, it is a must have for anyone interested in a fast browsing experience, getting paid for the ads they see, and a built in Ethereum.

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