Alias is ready to shake up the privacy-coin sector. Formerly known as SpectreCoin (XSPEC), the newly reinvigorated team plans to reignite marketing, business development, and investor relations efforts. Alias intends to make a greater impact on the industry by a new brand, effectively evolving from a “coin” to a “currency.” The name Alias comes from the idea of having an online “persona” or “alias” to protect one’s privacy, or in better terms to offer complete user data protection. Alias is industry conscious as there are many different projects developing increasingly impressive privacy products. Currencies like PIVX, Monero, and Zcash are all examples of popular privacy-enabling projects. Alias will continue to build upon their already impressive technology.

Alias is Proof of “Anonymous” Stake network that uses optional anonymous transactions combined with fully integrated Tor capabilities. Additionally, anonymous transactions are completed via ring-signatures to protect your privacy when you need it hidden. Enjoy staking with your favorite SBC (Single board computer)? Alias developed their wallet software with lightweight, low cost, eco-friendly support in mind. Users can stake their coins for rewards with devices like a Raspberry Pi!

One of Alias’s first milestones following their re-brand is to a release world-first Android app that is capable of running a fully-featured Proof-of-Anonymous-Stake (PoAS) node. This will allow mobile users to earn staking rewards in a way never done before. Privacy + Rewards in the palm of your hand!

For those looking for a small-cap privacy project for their portfolio or those looking to use an “Alias,” this could be the coin for you. With the complete rebrand, users can expect a new team full of drive ready to propel the project into new heights. As new technology continues to be developed, there will just be more reasons for people to try out Alias for privacy and earning interest on their coins via staking.

If you would like to learn more about Alias or its technology please visit their new website here.