As previously covered, PIVX is setting up for something big. With their new Sapling protocol being around the corner, the privacy-pioneering project is gearing up to a new era of success. The PIVX community has been long awaiting a new, sleek, modern website to pair with the re-introduction of their privacy feature.

The website is a stepping-stone into a new age into the project’s push to return to mainstream recognition. Amazingly, the entire website overhaul was supported solely by the PIVX treasury and community members. The new look is intended to reflect the to show the dedication of the PIVX community and the developers as it was designed, built, and assembled by a selection of active PIVX users.

PIVX Shield

With the launch of the website, PIVX has named their new Sapling protocol “PIVX Shield.” PIVX Shield will tout zero knowledge transactions, be lightweight in nature (small as 144 bytes), fast transactions, and sport a user-friendly interface. You can find more information about PIVX’s brand refresh and PIVX Shield here.

We look forward to hearing about more progress made by the PIVX team and seeing industry-first technology continue to revolutionize the crypto-space.