Bitcoin Cash has undergone a hard fork (a split to 2 different chains) recently. A dispute regarding the introduction of a 8% fee on miners to be put towards a development fund has forced the two opposing sides to clash. The two different chains are known as Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash Node, with Bitcoin Cash ABC being in support of the new fee. The proposal of the 8% tax has been extremely unwelcoming to the Bitcoin Cash community. Many of whom fear the addition of the fee would reduce the miners revenue and ultimately lead to the demise of the “decentralized” aspect of the crypto-currency. The last block mined before the fork was block #661647.

Following the fork, BCHN or Bitcoin Cash Node is touting a 37 block lead over the BCHA or Bitcoin Cash ABC chain as of 5:15 PM EST. Bitcoin Cash ABC has only generated 3 additional blocks since the fork and is appearing to lose support from the Bitcoin Cash community. If the BCHA chain is unable to attract enough miners, it will no longer be considered a strong enough to continue. Effectively, the chain will become defunct, preventing the ABC developers from gaining their 8% tax from the miners.

The teams at both CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap have effectively chosen to support the Bitcoin Cash Node chain by using the new website. Most exchanges and crypto entities are expected to support the BCHN chain. This would inherit the BCH ticker as BCHN appears to be the victor.