The team over at ALQO have managed to fund their first round of financial services for their “DeFs” or decentralized ecosystem for financial services. In a discord message to their community on Monday, CEO Jared Grey offered an OTC (over the counter) package to help fund their new project features. OTC orders can be attractive for investors looking to scoop a large amount of coins without having to deal with a trading exchange or a lack of volume at a certain price.

Within 24 hours, the 500k XLQ were almost all bought. At the time of writing, only one set of 100K coins remains. The ALQO team are extremely satisfied with the support from the community in their efforts to release their new Substrate and Polkadot-based parachains, browser extension wallet, and “phase 1 contract product(s).”

ALQO or a “liquid object” is currently transitioning to the fore-mentioned new Substrate & Polkadot-based frameworks. This crowd funding comes almost a year after ALQO secured funding for Bitfineon Ltd, their company behind the ALQO based spot exchange Bitfineon. The new light paper was announced earlier this month and outlines all the new exciting lines of products for their new evolution.

If you are interested in learning more about ALQO, please check out their new website here.