We here at Blockala are happy to make our first announcement. Behind the scenes, we have been organizing both simple and complex knowledge areas to help inform both amateur and more experienced users alike.

Blockala Scoops

We feel that one of biggest hurdles for people first getting involved with crypto-currency is the premise of technical barriers. Some people are not as technically inclined but, are willing to learn more. To combat this, we created Blockala Scoops. Small, base-line, easy to read descriptions of all different subjects in the crypto community. Although they will be available on the website, we are experimenting to make these more Instagram friendly. Our thought process is simple, the audience of social media platforms are filled with people who may want to learn more about crypto. A way to invite them into the universe could be tagging them in one of our posts or sending them the post via direct message.

Blockala Insights

For those who may understand the base-line subjects of the blockchain and related topics could want to learn even more. To help spread some of this more complex information, we created Blockala Insights. Insights are more longer worded, more detailed articles that intends to take the user on a deeper level of understanding on a particular subject. Whether its how a certain privacy protocol works or how a certain smart-contract operates, we hope to present this sometimes complex information in a very user-friendly format.

Blockala News

Finally, we realize that people enjoy being informed about the news and announcements of things in the blockchain sector. We want to help spread awareness of events from a project releasing a long-awaited feature to the integration of crypto-currencies on PayPal’s platform. Blockala News is your best way to stay informed of all things crypto in our rapidly changing industry. We believe all projects big or small deserve to have a voice. This is why we offer any community to send us a message so we can discover any new, exciting, and upcoming projects.

We are grateful for the immense support we have received thus far in our existence and look to build on the success of these segments of our brand. If you are interested in supporting us, advertising with us, or some other form of business relationship we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here or DM us on Instagram/Twitter.

Look out for more exciting announcements in the coming months!