One of the reasons Blockala was founded was to try to spread easy to digest crypto-currency knowledge. One of the most common things I heard in my circle was “I’ve heard about it” or “Its too complicated, I don’t get it.” Blockala Scoops is an attempt to infuse easy to read, lower word count articles in attempt to educate the person who may not be technologically inclined. Furthermore, Instagram (Twitter too) seems to be a place where someone can learn more while just swiping through their feed. If you know someone who is looking to learn more about crypto without being overwhelmed, send them to our Instagram to learn a few things about the industry/tech/community!

The blog is beginning to drum up some growth and I would love to hear feedback on site layout, content, and more going forward. One thing that is important for me in Blockala’s growth is to be extremely receptive to feedback. If you would like to contact me for feedback, introduce me to a new project, or just chat, you can join the Blockala Discord.