According to, S&P Global Inc. announced the introduction of crypto-currency indices in 2021. Using data from the New York based Lukka, the S&P Dow Jones Indices brand will track over 500 of the most popular coins on the market.

The introduction of the indexes would allow more people to gain crypto-currency exposure. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest obstacles of crypto-currency investments is the logistics of storing or making an account on exchanges to buy them. With a tradable index, anybody using a stock-trading platform would be able to own a little piece of the market. Lukka and S&P Global intend to provide reliable data that will make investing into crypto a breeze for new investors.

This comes just weeks after Paypal announced their inclusion of crypto-currency in their user’s marketplaces and wallets. The addition of indices on the United States stock market would be a immense boost to the overall positive market sentiment of crypto-currency in 2020.