Privacy centric project PIVX has officially launched their new privacy protocol on their testnet. As of block 1873550, the PIVX tesnet will now allow you to send shielded transactions to any shielded addresses. We decided to run the testnet software and managed to send a private transaction to ourselves. You can view our test transaction here.

We are very impressed by the developers effort in restoring privacy into the PIVX project and are excited for the continual effort into launching privacy onto the main-net in the coming months.

We would love to send you some tPIV if you need some! Or send us some tPIV: ptestsapling1cwnldhp3x8sjq6t8xxhaj897qsgssaj04znh642a5wude5qlf757s2t5u6cfhf9w24m97y7e56z

If you’re interested in playing around with the pre-5.0 test binaries, you can download them here!