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James D.

I'm Jimmy. I have been around computers my whole life. I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, but wasn't able to buy any until 2015/2016. Since then I have become immersed in different communities and have learned so much. Aside from my passion for crypto-currency, I enjoy flying planes! I am a commercial pilot and a flight instructor. I have a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Administration and am currently pursuing an Associate's in Computer Science for fun! You can find me on discord @ slimjim#1694

WTF is Blockchain? | #2

Well, WTF is a blockchain anyway? We take a stab at explaining the blockchain in a non-complicated fashion.  We’d love some feedback! Email or DM us on Twitter @blockalaHQ

This is how Crypto fits into Web3 | #1

Ever wonder how crypto fits into the “Web3” buzzword? Join us on our first episode as we attempt to make the Web3 topic easier to understand! If you would like to request a topic, please DM us on twitter @blockalaHQ